The “Party Nail” phenomenon

As I sat with my four best girlfriends (Lisa, Amy, Laura and Tara from high school) at lunch this past weekend, I asked Lisa why one of her nails was a different color than the rest. I—having apparently been living in a cave in Utah—thought she had run out of one color, chipped a nail, and repainted it with a different color that almost matched.

Everyone looked at me with the oddest expression. I remember Tara’s sister, Abby, said, “Wow, I would have thought Mollie would have been the first one to the answer to that.” WRONG. I was clueless. Clueless. For once in my life, a fad had completely slipped under my radar. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Oh yeah, I live in central Utah.

Apparently, this phenomenon is called a “Party Nail.” You put glitter on the nail of your ring finger, OR do what’s called “color blocking” and paint one nail a slightly different color than the rest (like Lisa). I even discovered that this trend dates back years ago, signifying people’s cocaine habits (Coke Nail). Today, I’m happy to report the fad no longer deals with hardcore drugs, but rather a simple form of glamorous self expression. I guess I was the last girl on the planet to learn about this, but I embraced the concept by getting my very own first party nail, and I’m obsessed. I may never go without a party nail again.

Lo and behold Lisa’s (in the pink) and mine (in the gray), in all their magnificence; chic and subtle glitter on our ring fingers. So liberating!

What was the occasion, you ask? A wedding, to celebrate the marriage of Tara and her fiance, Tyler. After getting our nails done, we headed to the rehearsal dinner that evening. Despite the wind, the lighting outdoors at their country club was amazing and I couldn’t stop clicking away. These photos just capture so much joy from Tara, Tyler and their entire wedding party and families. I can’t help but smile… Tara and Tyler: So happy for you both!

The bride to be…


Lisa, clearly telling deliciously juicy stories at the nail salon.

This is my favorite photo from the rehearsal: So much love!

The happy couple:


Tara, behind closed doors before walking down the aisle for the rehearsal.

Tara’s sister, Abby (who is an amazing photographer—see her work by clicking here).

Tara and Tyler’s footwear captures their personalities so well for the evening.

Gifts at dinner…


Laura and I:

Tara and Abby:

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I learned something today! Thanks for blogging about party nails, now I’m also in the loop. Love, Your Clueless Mom


Mom—I think you need to get one for Lisa’s wedding 🙂


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