Making the midwest drive…

While you were soaking up the sun somewhere on Memorial Day weekend, I was sitting in a car for 24-hours, enjoying the scenic (extremely windy) drive from Utah to Wisconsin. For logistical reasons, we aren’t bringing the dogs on our Alaskan adventure this month, so my parents have volunteered to watch Dexter through the month of June, and Sean’s parents graciously offered to watch Daisy. Yes, we’re splitting up the dynamic duo, but we’re so grateful to have parents that love our dogs as much as we do… just not two at a time!

Fortunately, I had my brother, Matt, along for the drive. We took a lot of photos on the first leg of the drive (Utah to Colorado) through the desert.

We stopped to stay and eat with family in Boulder, Colorado. My cousin (front-right) and her husband just had a baby a few months ago, so it was wonderful to see the little peanut in person.

Setting off for the second leg of the trip… Colorado to Wisconsin; This is arguably one of the most un-scenic drives in North America (to someone who is used to mountains), and yet look at our smiles! We’re ready to take on the world! Eighteen hours later, my brother and I were still friends—not because we have to be, but because we want to be.

Bathroom break…

Once in Waupaca, Dexter didn’t waste a minute assuming the squirrel-hunting position in front of my parents’ windows.

Happy dog 🙂

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