Day 1: Let the social experiment begin!

The day we’ve been waiting five months for has finally come. Sean, Brittany, Russ and I are officially on the road in the Travel Queen. The decals are lookin’ good, the solar is soaking up sun on this beautiful day, and the fuel smells like french fries. And that’s just the way we intended it to be!

The past five months have been trying, to say the least. We’ve had our ups (WE JUST BOUGHT A MOTORHOME) and our downs (WHERE DID ALL OUR MONEY GO) but all the construction, painting, hammering, packing has come to an end… we are on the open road, living life untethered.

Here’s the dash that makes it all happen…

Sean is currently taking his first drive behind the wheel (think: white knuckles) and I’m probably next on the list for today. No big deal, just maneuvering 17,000 pounds around on a busy freeway. He’s totally got it.

In fact, he got his first challenge of the day not 10 miles from home… a lamb jam.

Let the adventure begin…

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Kathy Brinkley
May 31, 2012 1:31 pm

Have fun, be safe and drive “really fast” through bear territory! 😉


Don’t worry Kathy– we just bought some bear spray! (which in fact is not a parody on hair spray but it’s an actual mase product that can protect us!)


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