Travel Queen Update!

The time is drawing near for the TQ’s departure, and we’ve been hard at work, prepping her for the maiden voyage. Russ has been working extremely hard on the internal workings of the vehicle (things that my mind cannot comprehend), Sean has been uncaulking and recaulking the outside, and Britt and I have been focused on the “look and feel” of the interior. Our generous sponsors have also started shipping out the gear for this expedition, which we are so grateful to have!

What’s even MORE exciting is that my parents are here this weekend, and my dad is itching to get to work on TQ-related projects. He’s a super handy guy… you should have seen him go to town on our house the last time he was in town. He was all, Where’s the toolbox? Sean and I gestured to the junk drawer where he found two broken screwdrivers and a hammer. The look on his face was priceless. He took us on a whirlwind tour of Lowe’s and set us up with all the necessary tools that homeowners need. If you’re in the market to become a homebuyer, I would highly recommend getting yourself a Steve Shambeau.

Needless to say, this motor home has become a family effort. Brittany’s mom even helped us make cushions during her visit last weekend. Britt and her mom are sewing geniuses. I assisted with some whipstitching.

Here are a few photos showing our progress…

Love our new cushions that actually MATCH our custom curtains, courtesy of 1976.

Here is the $5 mosaic countertop Britt and I made using recycled tiles.

I was going for a nice, light yellow for the bathroom but ended up with more of a creamy butter. It’s bright, but we could all use a little more brightness in our lives, right?!

Crazy Creek set us up with these awesome chairs…they have a table on one side and a slew of pockets on the other side. Plus, the pattern in channeling our inner psychedelic flower child—very appropriate for the age of our motor home.

Huge thanks to GSI Outdoors and Adventure Medical Kits… our kitchen is going to all set up with gear!

Keeping us safe on the road!

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