Introducing: Our Travel Queen (the before pictures)

You may recall a recent post I put up about the latest addition to our family: a 1977 Travel Queen. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s about time I come clean with the adventurous purpose of this vehicle: A month-long expedition to Alaska!

That’s right folks: This June, Sean, Russ, Brittany and I (and a couple of adventure-seeking dogs) will be taking the Travel Queen on her maiden voyage north through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and up through Canada till we reach the ultimate backcountry rider’s paradise: Alaska. I absolutely cannot wait to see the terrain up there, not to mention learn how to do lots of new things… I will learn how to drive a motor home (scary), operate a vegetable oil-powered vehicle (intimidating), and learn how to live in a motorhome for a month with three other people. It should be an adventure, to say the least.

Russ has been hard at work tearing various parts of the motor home out, installing wood floors, etc. But for now, I will englighten you with the “before” photos… this is the Travel Queen before we got our hands on her:

Two pilot seats in the front that swivel around to face the back, plus some sweet 70s inspired couches and yes, that’s a wood-burning stove in the middle…

From where you’re standing in the above picture, this next photo is facing the opposite direction, toward the back of the motor home. We’ve got a kitchen, the bunk room, followed by the bathroom at the very end.

Standing in the bunk room facing the front of the vehicle, you can see that the bunk on the left could be converted into a table and seats… NOT FOR LONG. After Russ finishes with this part, there will be four sturdy bunks, one for each of us. The stuff cluttering the right side of this picture is the batteries and solar panels… we’re going all out for this Green Adventure.

And last but certainly not least, the bathroom… all the way at the back of the bus. If you look real close, you can see the fly fishing-lure wallpaper. I BEGGED the team to let me keep this wallpaper up forever, but alas, my request was vetoed. At least I have this photographic proof of its glory…

I’m so excited for this journey, I can’t even stand it. To give you an idea of the terrain we’ll be seeing, here are a few photos from Russ and Britt’s last trip to Alaska… Sean and I have never been there before. You’ll see Russ making his black and white photographs the old fashioned way. There will be lots of that going on during this trip as well.

Gorgeous! June can’t come fast enough.

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Holly Malone
July 30, 2012 3:20 am

I came across your blog while searching for info on remodeling our new 1979 travel queen. I was amused at how much ours looked alike. I would love to see the after pictures! I hope the trip went well. I, myself, am from Kenai Alaska and am enjoying every minute of our Alaskan summer. Safe travels!


Hey Holly!
Great to hear from you… this is precisely why I tagged “Travel Queen” in all my posts… I couldn’t find very many people currently using one when we bought it 🙂 Were you able to go through the posts on this page: If you go to Day 5 (the last photo on that page), and then also to the pre-adventure posts, the one called “Getting it Dialied.” Both provide more shots of the interior. I would definitely say make sure all your hoses are in good working order—we had a lot of hoses blow. I hope your husband is as handy as our friend Russ!

Thanks for reading… I’d love to hear how yours does!


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