Wedding Planning 101: Choosing colors

I decided it has been too long since I posted pictures from our wedding. AND, since I recently received all the photos on a disc compliments of Leah Aubrey Photography (LOVE), I couldn’t resist. Today’s topic: Picking the colors.

When I chose—er, we (excuse me!) chose the colors orange, green and khaki for our wedding, it was a pretty quick process. Green was a color by default, because we knew the greenery around the garden would be just that: Green. The other two colors came as inspiration while perusing through The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook—one of the best books for gathering ideas. If you ask me, it’s better than magazines because it consistently gives you inspiration for details and colors.

At the end of the day, it came down to instinct. I asked myself, “What should our colors be?” and the first color that popped into my head was orange. Not too girly (Sean vetoed pink… sadface), and not too manly (blue isn’t cheery enough for my taste). Orange was perfect.

Orange ties and pocket squares (…

Orange accent flowers in my bouquet…

A whole butt-load of orange on the tables and on the centerpieces… do you understand how long it takes to find the perfectly hued orange table cloth for 25+ tables? Ask my mom…

Lovely orange programs made by yours truly…

Orange cakepops from Amanda Cupcake:

And, coincidentally the venue of our wedding—The Indian Crossing Casino (which isn’t really a casino, but rather a glorified barn/concert hall)—has an orange logo. FATE.


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