Gift for the Bride: Illustrate the Dress

I am fortunate to have a lot of incredibly talented people in my life. One such women is Jen Thompson—a fashion maven and extremely talented illustrator, with whom I sparked a friendship with during my time in Madison. Jen founded a unique business called Illustrate the Dress, that provides a special and extremely personal wedding gift for any bride. Jen fuses her talent (illustration) with her passion (fashion) and creates elegant illustrations of brides in their wedding gowns. Here’s mine:

Photo credit (left): Leah Aubrey Photography

For $200, Jen will sketch a bride in her wedding dress using pencil, marker, and acrylic paint on 11×14″ Bristol paper. She doesn’t even need a photo of the bride wearing the dress… an online photo of the dress or a photo from a dress fitting works just fine.

As she says, her creations are Unique. Elegant. Perfect… I couldn’t agree more. It’s just as you should be on your wedding day. I feel so fortunate to have received my own illustrated dress to frame in our home, as a reminder of what an incredible day it was. Thank you, Jen!

More information on Jen and Illustrate the Dress can be found at her website,


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You were a rock star bride! Kind of peeved I wasn’t invited …. wait! You didn’t know me then. hahahahah


Aaaaamazing! She is so talented 🙂


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