The Romantic Comedy with a twist: “Love & Other Drugs”

Welcome to my world of not having cable TV.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sean and I don’t currently have cable, and we don’t plan on subscribing anytime soon. Life without TV is amazing—I feel no sort of addiction to television, and I never find myself saying, “Oh, I can’t do that because my favorite show is on TV.” (This, of course, excludes my minor obsession with Glee that materializes when new seasons come out on DVD.) No offense to TV lovers; this works for us.

And so does Netflix.

Despite the bad rap Netflix has as of late due to hiked prices, we are still loyal subscribers and take full advantage of a constant rotation of movies. In preparation for your weekend, I want to recommend one we watched last week.

“Love & Other Drugs,” was a flick recommended by fellow blogger Mary, of The Mama Mary Show when she posted about it a few weeks ago. (I highly recommend reading her blog too, while you’re at it.)

This  movie is a romantic comedy with a twist—Jake Gyllenhaal plays a “heartless” young man trying to make something of himself in the pharmaceutical sales business, while his counterpart—Anne Hathaway plays a young woman living with Parkinson’s Disease. They fall in love, and the overall plot is somewhat predictable…but what makes it compelling is the twist: Incorporating the honest truth about Parkinson’s.

To someone who isn’t particularly well versed on things outside the diabetes community, this was eye-opening for me. It’s amazing that someone so young can have Parkinson’s. It was humbling to learn a little bit about how people living with Parkinson’s go through their daily lives dealing with a worsening condition. In my opinion, Hathaway’s portrayal was honest and real. Her character is direct and bold on the outside, but incredibly fragile on the inside.

Oh, and there’s a lot of sex in the movie. Like, enough for Sean to make a comment that maybe there was too much… Yeah. That much.

Sex aside, I recommend you rent it this weekend! If you are not old enough to rent it, I do not recommend you rent this movie 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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