Wedding Recap: The Ceremony Details

OK, OK! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The photos from Leah Aubrey Photography have finally arrived, and I’ve compiled a set that capture the details of the ceremony. I’ll post more from other parts of the weekend, but I, personally, aim to drag out the infamy of this wedding as long as I possibly can. To look at photos is to relive the day, and I never want to stop reliving the best day of my life.

Allow me to set the scene…

The day began bright and early, and it was cloudy, to say the least. All day long, I prayed and I just knew our wedding would still be outside. No one was allowed to speak “weather” in my presence! It was forbidden. And if you know anything about Sean’s family, they speak “weather” fluently. I can only imagine all the research, weather charts, and radar maps Sean had going on with his entourage. I, on the other hand, remained in a weather-free zone, because I knew we would be OK.

Meanwhile, while I was safely out of the rain at the hair salon, my dad—bless his heart—had an army of neighbors out in the garden wiping off chairs and making sure nothing valuable got wet… the florist (Barb) was out there doing her thing in the mist as well… it’s amazing how things and people come together on the wedding day. This is another reason why surrounding yourself with wonderful, generous people is a MUST.

The good news is, the rain did hold off until shortly after our ceremony! Unfortunately, it was a bit chilly, so if you see photos of gussied up guests wearing rain ponchos over their dresses, that’s why.

To start, guests arrived at my parents’ garden—aptly dubbed, “The Shambeau Garden”—on motor coaches. We shuttled them from our reception venue to the ceremony because the parking situation at the garden was less than ideal. Upon arrival, they saw this whimsically rustic chalkboard that read, “The Wedding,” in case they were confused about exactly what they were going to see.

My dad worked on this garden all summer with another army of helpers. Because of his due diligence, the plants were not eaten by deer and everything was absolutely lush and gorgeous.

You may recognize these letters from the shower my mom’s girlfriends threw for me in June. (Right at the front of Caroyl’s house on either side of the mannequin with the wedding dress were these letters.) I was so thankful we had them for this event as well. They weren’t obtrusive at all, but rather played nicely in the background.

Caroyl Hart, one of my mom’s closest friends (who hosted the shower in June) also decorate the inside of the little garden house that was the backdrop for our ceremony. I will post pictures of that soon as well.

Here is my bouquet, in all its glory… hydrangeas, curly willow, white roses, those orange flowers (not sure of the name, help me out here), and little green berries. My mom surprised me and had the florist wrap the bouquet in a vintage hanky with an “M” on it. It’s details like that that made the wedding what it was: Breathtaking. Every single minute brought more tiny details that give me warm fuzzies just thinking about it.

One of my own “details” was charms on my bouquet. Three of my bridesmaids had matching charms on their bouquets as well. I saw them on sale at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be a sweet touch. Alice’s bouquet had an anchor to symbolize Delta Gamma, Jenn had a bee to symbolize the Busby family, and Lisa had an infinity sign to symbolize friends forever (it was my substitution for one of those cheesy half-heart charms!). The florist stitched them on the hanky.

Remember the whole debacle about shoes and how I settled for a Kate Spade knock off from Nordstrom? Well, on a whim, I stopped into a Nordstrom Rack near San Diego this summer after a dress fitting, and saw these KATE SPADE SANDALS, in an even BETTER color than I’d wanted, IN MY SIZE, and OVER HALF OFF THE ORIGINAL PRICE. Omg. The excitement was unbearable. They were mine, and I hereby recommend wearing sandals to any bride. Heels would be fun for a little while, but definitely have a pair of cute sandals to throw on later for dancing. I wore these babies all day long and didn’t have ONE complaint.

And, here is the dress, in all its glory; a selection from Brides by Demetrios in San Diego. Huge shout out to my wedding consultant there, Issa, who helped me with my dress and all the bridesmaids dresses from the very start. She was the best! I’ll post more pictures soon of me actually wearing it, but I love how this photo plays with the light from outside.

And of course, the rings by Tom Dailing. We didn’t do a wedding band, and didn’t get matching rings. These were two things Tom told us that brides and grooms are now doing. We aren’t the same person, so why should we have matching rings? Sean’s is incredible, with different etchings from mountain culture all around the ring. From this view, you can see the prayer flag writing and a mountain range. My ring was made to resemble my grandmother’s and my mom’s ring. It is the perfect combination of the two.

And the programs! My baby! I ended up crafting all 200 of these myself and loved every minute of it. Not sure if all brides feel this way, but it was such a break from the other parts of wedding planning. I loved making the programs.

Also, the ring you see there was a gift I got from Sean at the rehearsal. While we were practicing, he asked me to give him my wedding ring to practice with. He took it, pocketed it, and when our officiant asked us to practice, he turned to his best man (his dad) for the new ring, and slipped this surprise on my finger! A ring by Saint by Sarah Jane. Sean’s mom and sister both have this ring because it has a little bumblebee on top of it (the official Busby crest). I was completely surprised and congratulated Sean on coming up with the best surprise ever. I love how he found this creative way to exchange his gift.

I presented Sean with my wedding gift after the rehearsal dinner. I compiled letters from all his close friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding for Sean to read. The perfect two weddings gifts for the couple that, many months ago, decided they weren’t going to buy each other wedding gifts. Ha!

More to come soon. Happy Tuesday!

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The dress looked better on you. Just sayin’….



Dorothy! So glad you could be there. You looked fabulous and happy 🙂


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