Meet Jules, from Eater Provocateur

In honor of Halloween—the chance to masquerade as someone we’re not—I am posting about a fellow blogger I aspire to be sometimes.

Meet Jules, the founder/author/literary genius behind Eater Provocateur—one of my favorite blogs. I have the privilege of working in the same community as Jules, and I initially signed up for her blog to support a fellow blogger; A subscription for a subscription, if you will.

However, what I received—and continue to receive weekly—is so much more. Her posts are incredible insights into a a smart, passionate woman’s past, present and future. Jules’ style of writing is at once eloquent, rich, and captivating. It’s quite different than what you find here; she is a long-memoir-writing, foodie, mom-of-two, whereas I am a quick-post-writing, dog-loving, adventure-junkie. And yet, I think those differences are exactly why I enjoy her blog so much. Opposites attract, no?

Reading Eater Provocateur not only encourages me to be a more robust writer, but it intrigues me to dig deeper into my soul and write what’s written on my inner walls. Jules has an realistic honesty that she conveys through her food memoirs, and I’m inspired by it! Simple as that.

I want to share a few of my favorite posts from Jules’ collection. Click to view:

  • Chef Rory: A peek inside Jules’ world of being a mom to her adorable daughter, Rory.
  • Bittersweet: A revision of an essay Jules had submitted for an anthology called “Blank: Begins at Conception.” It is a compelling, honest account of being a mom to her equally-adorable son, Kai (who came pre-Rory), and how her own mother influenced the woman she is today.
  • Halloween Haiku: This post is more spur-of-the-moment than her typical, more lengthly posts. Plus, it’s festive on a day like today!

Lastly, I wanted to give a shout out to Jules and her cooking skills. Jules: I love when you post recipes… as a cooking novice (and someone who used to film her own episodes of “The Cooking with Mollie & Lisa Show”) I look forward to more bits of cooking advice from you to add to my own collection. Perhaps you should write a food memoir cookbook? I’d buy one—just sayin’.

Here are three simple steps to follow Jules:

  1. Find Eater Provocateur by clicking here.
  2. She’s on Facebook too!
  3. Finally, you’ll want to follow her on Twitter because rumor has it, she’s hilarious. If I was a better Tweeter, I’d know.

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