Wedding Planning 101: Dessert, part cupcake… Amanda Cupcake.

As easy as it was to find our fabulous cake maker, finding someone who knows cupcakes was trial and error. Turns out a lot of people can make a standard cupcake. But you know me; there needs to be that WOW factor. Luckily, I stumbled upon Amanda Cupcake’s delicious, moist, delicacies at Cronie’s in Waupaca just in time to book a reservation for our wedding. (Side note: How many of you cringed when you read the word, “moist?”)

The only way I can describe Amanda is PASSIONATE. If there is anyone who thinks they love cupcakes more than Amanda, they should just give up. She has this incredible imagination and it materializes in the form of cupcakes. Her creations are totally out of the box, adorable, and most importantly, DELICIOUS.

She did a tasting for Sean and I and even before we tasted the cupcakes, I knew it was meant to be. She’s personable and she really listens to your vision. And then you try the cupcakes and it’s all over from there. BAM. So good.

Isn’t she adorable?

Photo Credit: Dan Woolf Photography

Our cake pops will be a little bit more orange than these, but will absolutely have the glitter on them. Mollie + Glitter = Love

This was the incredible cupcake sample selection she made just for us. We decided on salted caramel cupcakes (my favorite), chocolate peanut butter (Sean’s favorite), white cupcakes (a fan favorite), and red velvet (which we both love). They will all have the same mocha-colored frosting. Add in the orange dreamsicle cake pops, and we will have a little bit of color, a little bit of neutral, and a whole lot of tasty dessert.

Look at some of the fun things this gal dreams up; cupcakes in a jar… WHAT? Yes:

Mini pie on a spoon (omg, adorbs):

Peanut butter and jelly cupcakes:

Words don’t even describe Amanda’s sushi cupcakes; there was no fish involved here, just cupcake, coconut, and molded Jolly Ranchers. To quote Amanda on her blog, these beauties were “inspired by the beauty-full art that is splashed onto your sushi platter at your favorite sushi restaurant.”

Convinced yet? Find “Amanda Cupcake” on Facebook and go through her albums to see more of these fabulous creations. And then book her for your event. The end.

I’m hungry.

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