Wedding Planning 101: A Stare Down With Kinkos Guy

How has wedding planning been going? Thanks for asking! Let me just say this: I’m summoning my inner crafty these days. I am completely immersed in “wedding” and decided, in a moment of insanity, to craft the programs myself.

It all started with Kinkos Guy.

I went into Kinkos on Sunday morning, expecting the worst. That’s usually how a day at Kinkos goes. You go in, knowing exactly what you want, and four hours later, you leave with a version of your intended outcome that you’re only 75% excited about.

I never get 100%.

The wedding programs were no exception. I intended to go in there with my design, and get them printed in color on a thicker, matte paper for the cover and then the inside pages would be black and white. Simple, chic, and easy.

What Kinkos can’t do is manage a “bleed,” or when your color/ink needs to run off the side of the page. So there was my first compromise: No bleed. I changed my design to have a border of white.

Then, he informed me that unfortunately, the perfectly priced matte paper he’d shown me originally was not available as they didn’t have enough in stock to accommodate my order. Enter: compromise number two.

Compromise number three was the final straw. After I had finally settled on glossy paper for the cover (which looked cheap but it was actually more expensive—THE IRONY) and a white border around my design, the guy presented my proof and lo and behold, the printer printed the thing crooked! It looked like something I could have made on my printer at home!

I could just see the looks of shame on our wedding guests’ faces as they are presented their program on cheap-looking, glossy paper… and then oh! The horror! It’s crooked.

Not allowing myself to cry (this was not worth my tears), I looked Kinkos Guy directly in the eye and WILLED him to care about my wedding programs. I couldn’t understand why a 20-something, supposedly single guy, working at Kinkos on a Sunday morning couldn’t care more the most important item on my to-do list. WHY?

Sadly, this story doesn’t have a happen ending… I had the guy print up the inside pages of the program in black and white and I was off.

…And then I found Michaels. Oh the glory of craft stores! My answers were all there, stacked on and hanging from the shelves. There were stamps, stamp pads, paper, glue, glitter, ribbon—HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN TO MICHAELS BEFORE?

To make a long story short, I purchased enough supplies to make the programs myself and I couldn’t be happier. This all goes back to my original wedding advice: DON’T SETTLE FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T GET YOU. Kinkos Guy was not as into me as I needed him to be. After I explained I couldn’t purchase crooked programs, he was over it! Like, “Okayyy, what do you what me to do about it?” That was code for: What do you want me to do other than make them not crooked because I can’t do that?

NOTHING, KINKOS GUY. You’re fired.

In fact, I think that is the secret to planning a wedding. Don’t settle, and instead allow the universe to lead you to the person and/or craft store who/that is supposed to help you. In my case, it led me to Michaels.

The same advice can apply to everyone out there; whatever you’re doing in your life—planning a wedding or not—don’t settle. It will ultimately bring you to bigger and more meaningful things down the road.

And have a fabulous day!

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And after all is said and done, anyone who crafts is way more proud and satisfied with the outcome because it is “THE PERSONAL TOUCH”. Go Mol


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