Hey everyone, come see how good I look

So I’m a little MIA this week, but for a good reason: I GET MARRIED IN TWO DAYS.


Just wanted to let you all know I’m thinking about you and all the crazy wedding blog posts I have to write.

In the meantime, I will leave you with some wedding wisdom: Contrary to popular belief, the unity candle doesn’t mystically appear at your wedding. Some people (ahem, me) just figured if we put the ritual in our program, the gods of “wedding” would drop down a candle (and a table to place it on) for our special day.

To my complete surprise, that assumption is false. (Duh, right?) The couple actually has to get their own unity candle. Having gone through this situation yesterday, my advice is to simply get a freaking candle before the Wednesday before your wedding.

Oh, and the county clerk in Waupaca doesn’t take credit cards for the marriage license. Get yourself some cash.

And also, bring your drivers licenses in addition to your birth certificates. Even though I had passports and social security cards, there is something fantastically more appealing to the court about a drivers license. Perhaps you carry your license in your wallet like a normal human being, in which case: GOOD FOR YOU. Sean and I were a hot mess that day but somehow emerged with a piece of paper that says we can get hitched. And that’s what matters, right?

Here’s me, blogging from the iPhone while getting my hair done at Studio 212… I dare you to pull off foils, a cape and no makeup better than me.


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