Thank God for Sorel boots and Russ Hopkins’ stick-driving skills

So now that I’m back and still processing the fact we actually went to Iceland and the fact that we got engaged in Iceland, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos that I haven’t already posted. The weather was all across the board (except anything resembling “warm”) and we literally saw the entire island after driving completely around the ring road. The wildlife was as abundant as the wind, and everything was so…wild.

I would recommend you go to Iceland and visit in the winter if you’re up for blustery cold, great backcountry skiing, and a relatively cheap trip (if you’re willing to eat a meal of hot dogs and chocolate-covered biscuits now and then). Although as I said before… Iceland is not for the faint of heart. You’ve got to have a big heart and some quality layering clothing to make this trip worthwhile.

And a box of wine for good measure.

An outake from the day we got engaged

This little guy was just hanging out on the side of the road…just another example of wild and crazy Iceland



More majesty… there was so much majesty on this trip it was exhilarating!

Majesty with Icelandic horses

I tried running after some Hobbits to explain to them that “I get it,” because I’ve seen Lord of the Rings, but they were too quick for me with their large hairy feet.

This is the signage that goes with one of Iceland’s grocery chains. We just called it The Bonus Pig, or on occasion, The Drunken Pig. Look at his googly eyes!

Backcountry touring in Dalvik

This is smoked Puffin. Don’t hate me… I liked it.

Russelmania, making photos with his old school camera

This day was the day I found the “Lady with a Hat” function on the camera I was using. Meaning, it focuses on a portrait of the person and blurs the background. I went nuts. (And I love this photo of Sean.)

Bundled up!

Thumbs up for gale force winds!

That’s the first House of Parliament in Iceland out there

For a hot minute, Sean learned how to drive stick shift. And then Russ finished making his photos and resumed his job as Best Manual Driver on Earth. I swear to you, on our last day when we all took a trip in the same car, we would have gotten stuck nearly 17 times if it weren’t for Russ and his incredible ability to drive without fear. 

Our travel partners, Britt and Russ.

Thank God for Sorel boots.

Loving the “Lady with a Hat” mode

Icelandic Horse! Did you know these horses are found nowhere else on Earth? Only in Iceland. And I got to pet one.

Making friends with the locals

Trying to take an engagement-esque photo at a beautiful waterfall called Gulfoss in freezing incredibly windy weather, and then I sprayed snot in Sean’s face. Thus, the expressions you see here.

Gotta have one of these poses… look how bundled up I am! And Mom, look at my Glittens! Everyone: It’s a glove inside a mitten!

This is a geysir next to Geysir, the geysir that all other geysirs are named for… that little figure in the distance is Russ, walking where no man is instructed to go. He does what he wants.

I fell in LOVE with breakfast in Iceland. Hard boiled eggs, toast, ham, cheese and the BEST orange juice in the world! And then of course, my New Zealand obsession: English Breakfast tea with milk.

Sean thought these little guys were funny.

This random dog liked to play fetch with Sean. Only in Iceland, they don’t use tennis balls, they use snowballs…because it’s Iceland, and that’s how they roll.

This is pretty much the standard condition of the roads. Not for the faint of heart, I tell you.

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