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The Busby Hive is a sustainable off the grid homesteading micro-farm that provides farm fresh goods and inspirational online content to motivate others to lead adventurous lifestyles by their own design.
We nourish our local community with sustainable, delicious fare; we empower clients to expand the boundary of their perceived lifestyle limitations; and we coach entrepreneurs in their purposeful business ventures.
The Busby Hive is rooted on a foundation of practicing what we teach—making it a priority to thrive through healthy lifestyle and simple abundance, experiencing cultures around the world, and creating sustainable, life-fulfilling businesses focused on success from a place of service.

Founders, Mollie & Sean Busby are TV personalities, world-travelers, entrepreneurs, and sustainable living experts located in Northwest Montana.

Check out their international nonprofit organization, Riding On Insulin (ROI). After Sean’s diagnosis with a chronic autoimmune disease in 2004 called T1D, Sean founded ROI to show kids with T1D how to ski and ride despite living with their disease. While Sean is still intimately involved in the brand’s camps and coaches team, Mollie serves as the Executive Director and employs a team of four around North America, with the mission of empowering, activating and connecting the global type 1 diabetes community through shared experience and action sports — primarily skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking camps for kids & teens. ROI serves thousands of individuals affected by T1D annually in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia!
In 2015, Mollie founded Yoga Hive, a chain of yoga studios in Northwest Montana with the mission to nourish minds, strengthen bodies, and deepen souls through guided yoga, silks yoga, stand-up paddleboard yoga, and meditation. Mollie also maintains her personal business and life coaching brand at MollieBusby.com.
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The Busby Hive Off Grid Tiny House Tour

November 1, 2016
After everything we went through building a yurt — especially the discovery that it strengthened our marriage, I thought we would breeze through building a tiny house. The financial stars aligned, we were motivated to tackle the new project during our short summer, and our outlook was rosy. (As Sean will tell you, things through my eyes always seem to have a tint of sunshine and rainbows.) But along the way, the Tiny House project became more than a project… it morphed into an all-consuming force to be reckoned with, replete with deadlines, setbacks, and surprises. Like when our free ranging mountain chickens would swarm our snack table when we...
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A Chick named Tiny. Starting a Microfarm with Strawbale Gardening. Building a Tiny Home. (Sensing a trend here?)

It all started: January 3rd — the day Sean broke his ankle.   His family had just left town for the New Year holiday, and we headed out to ski/ride. One loud POP and a failed attempt at a hand plant, Sean landed himself in the Urgent Care. The first doc didn’t see anything problematic on the X-ray, and so Sean implemented a lot of rest and relaxation, thinking things would be fine.   Long story short, Sean snowboarded on a broken ankle (even believing it was healing while in Iceland) until he went back into the doc and had it re-X-rayed, and...
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